I have been a hot sauce enthusiast for many years now.  I started out eating raw hot peppers after a friend of the family sent me some seeds that I planted in my back yard garden.  I progressed to making various types of hot sauces and suddenly I had a whole following of hot sauce fans begging me for more.


I wanted, however, to create something that everyone would enjoy. A sauce that had enough spice to satisfy hot sauce lovers but also enough flavor to make people who don't like hot sauce come back for more.


So, many years ago I started making a sauce that I have come to call Tomato Stuff. I call it "stuff" because it is indescribably different than anything else on the market. It tastes great on bread, eggs, meat, chicken, vegetables – almost anything. The sauce is tasty and has a good amount of zing to get a good release of endorphins. Friends and family love the stuff. My kids do; even my grandchildren ask for it.


And, we've got sauces that will light you up and cause that wonderful pain that results in the ultimate calm.  You know what I mean, don't you!


Enjoy some RON HOT sauces today!  Thanks for your business!





Hot Ron




Habanero peppers for gourmet hot sauce and tomato stuff
Jalapeno peppers for gourmet hot sauce and spicy tomato stuff
HOT RON hot sauce and spicey sauces bbq sauce
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