RON HOT Tomato Stuff - Gourmet Hot Pepper Sauce - Famous and Healthy Too

I've been making hot sauces for many years. I was introduced to hot peppers as a child. My father would eat pickled Jalapenos at the Friday night dinner table. I remember him pulling out his handkerchief and wiping away the sweat dripping down his face. Naturally this was actually very appealing to me and I started eating them too.

Later a family friend introduced me to pepper seeds from the Chile Pepper Institute and I began growing many varieties of hot peppers in my home garden. Then I began making sauces.

My flagship item is RON HOT Tomato Stuff in the Jalapeno variety. People all over town beg me to make this for them. Well, now they have to buy it :)

Little did I know when I started making sauces that medical journals would come out with all kinds of health benefits of eating tomatoes and hot peppers. Tomatoes contain lycopene and have been said to ward off cancer, prevent DNA damage, reduce risk of heart disease, protect against thrombosis and ward off inflammation.

Hot peppers contain capsaicin (the hot and spicy component) and are said to release endorphins, known as the pleasure hormone. Hot peppers might be helpful with weight loss, cancer prevention, pain relief. It can work as an anti-inflammatory, help reduce headaches, provide arthritis relief and yes, might help with some gastric disorders.

Either way - RON HOT Tomato Stuff tastes great. Our Habanero variety tastes nice and burns twice. Try some today!

RON HOT - Sauces for the Brave

To your health!