Fun Facts About Chili Pepper Hot Sauces

Not only the band is Red Hot but so are Chili Peppers like the ones RON HOT uses in its Gourmet Jalapeno and Habanero hot sauces. There are a wide variety of sauces and a wide variety of hot pepper sauces available. Here's some interesting facts about hot peppers and hot sauces:

  • First known commerically available hot sauce was sold in 1807.

  • Tobasco Sauce is the oldest known brand, first seen in 1868.

  • Capsaicin is the compound that causes the heat.

  • The most common pepper used for hot sauces is the habanero or Scotch Bonnet pepper.

  • Other pepper varieties include tobasco. serrano, chipotle, naga viper, bhutt jelokia - ghost chili peppers, sweet chili peppers, cayenne and green chili peppers.

  • Mexico grows over 140 varieties of hot peppers.

  • Besides typical liquid hot sauces and RON HOT Tomato Stuff there are hot and spicy mixes used in various cultures:

  • Harissa

  • Siracha

  • Guilin Chili Sauce

  • Matbucha

  • Mexican Salsa

  • Thai chili sauce

  • Louisiana hot sauce