"We both sampled your great hot sauce and are big fans.  I'm a life long hot sauce fan and wish your product was more readily available. Your sauce is amazing and here's why.  The sauce brings the heat without overpowering the flavor of the food. Not only that; it also brings pepper flavor from the sauce itself! Your stuff is really amazing. F Redhot sauce fails at this. Everyone's favorite "Doggies Poppers" fail at this.  Even Kr.. jalapeno chips fail. You need to get this product out to the masses."

Noah W



RON HOT has a lot of brave fans.  Not only is the sauce hot but it tastes good too.  Just look at what some of our satisfied customers say about our gourmet hot sauces.

"I have always been a fan of spicy things and your hot sauce is by far and away the best I ever had.  Like N from Maryland said, it has flavor, not just heat.




 I shared it with a few friends and they all love it. One of them couldn't get enough and he didn't stop eating it even after the tears were streaming down his cheeks.  Thanks for this great hot sauce."

Neil W

New Jersey

"I ordered the RON HOT Hot Pack, a bottle of each of your four gourmet hot sauces. They arrive promptly, as promised. The sauces are superior in taste and spiciness. They give you a very warm and hot sensation. They will serve as excellent dips for the Super Bowl and BCS championship!"

Dr. Morris G

Baltimore, MD

"I brought the RON HOT to my friend, and mind you he's a hard core hot sauce eater. He usually sticks to the ghost pepper hot sauces. The sauces were really good. Even he was impressed with the Habanero Hopper sauce. All the sauces were really good."

Edan N

Teaneck, NJ




Yo, that Stuff is so freaking good!" June 2017

"It's got a good kick at the end." June 2017

"THE BEST "tomato stuff" you'll ever put in your mouth! 🔥🔥🌶🌶" June 2017

"I love it! Ate an entire jar between last night and this morning! It's the best stuff ever! Thank you!" June 2017

"Your hot sauce is by far and away the best I have ever had."

"It has great flavor, not just heat."

"Didn't stop eating it even after the tears were streaming down my cheeks."

"Your stuff is really amazing."

"Excellent dips for the Super Bowl."